Final Game Jam Day of 2022!

The end of a great summer of phenomenal Game Jams!

	Game Jam 2022 - It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This" Day 5
What a better way to start the day than to see what some of your talented young future software engineers, designers, game devs and artists have been up to! (They're a really talented bunch your lot!)
Arnav showed us all his hard work on the previous game jam with the theme of can't stop moving where we play as a toucan avigating through waves of ghostly apparitions!
Max has been modding this week's game up to be a crazy cool volcanic adventure where magma rains down from the skies and players will EXPLODE upon getting hit! (Don't forget to turn your volume down as we went HARD on the explosion sound effects!)
Ainjel did some wonderful work modding his face into the game and getting a good chunk of code completed for his victory screen.
Owen delighted us as he showed us his spectacular work on a snake inspired title of his own creation.
And let's not forget Haris who switched up the game's formula somewhat this week so rather than avoiding the raindrops our player must instead avoid the ever increasing enemies and aerial attackers!
We've had all kinds of cool hacks today in Storm Survival!
Mira gave their bug a cool looking umbrella and designed a unique mechanic called "Protector of the Skies" that helps to shelter our little friend from the storm!
Alex worked on his variables, creating a system to give our bug pal more lives and therefore more chances to avoid the bad weather! Stanley wrote code to give the player a big hat to avoid the rain! I like the choice of sprite here! Val added custom art and some different text depending on whether the player wins or loses the game!
It's amazing seeing these ideas come to life 🙂
Have a lovely weekend!
Ant & Calum


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