Weekly Round from Tom!

It was a Frog Feeding Frenzy this week at the code zone!

April 25th Weekly Round Up


Tom here. Hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend and that you're not too stuffed from any Easter chocolate you might have eaten!

I've been back in the physical clubs, which returned this week after the holidays. There have been some brilliant projects made and Ant and Dell have filled me in on how everyone's been doing online, as well.

This week's game, Frog Feeding Frenzy, saw the children hop into the world of an amphibious animal on this insect eating binge.

Arthur put his own spin on things, replacing the frog with a diplodocus and instead of a tongue, the dinosaur extended its lengthy neck to catch the flies.

Sidney, on the other hand, added a dino distraction. If the frog's tongue shot out at a T-Rex, you lost a big chunk of points. Plus there was some pretty intense music too.

Not all the hacks were prehistoric however. Taylor's Harry Potter theme was truly magical, with the addition of dementors to defeat. That left over Easter chocolate might come in handy...Also, a special shout out to Robin, for taking a crack at a pause button in their weekly game. Always a tough one, so well done!

Coming up, we'll be taking an underground expedition in next week's game, Digging For Diamonds. Needless to say, I'm expecting a lot of Minecraft related hacks.


As always, shout if you need us!

Take care,



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