January & the Winter Warriors badge

Our new years week is over and we're back into the swing of things.  Here's an update of the last week from Tom, a round-up of last week and kicking things off this term with a new badge for you to get! 

January & the Winter Warriors badge

It's me, Tom, one of the mentors at the Code Zone. I'm the guy who pops up in all the videos on the site telling your child about the code they're about to sink their teeth into. A lot of the time, I made those projects as well, so any requests for a game, I'm the one to ask!

Hope you enjoyed the holidays! It's been great to be back with all the clubs and coding. Normally, I run a couple clubs in between making all the games. This week though, I've had the pleasure of being in some extra sessions and, boy oh boy, have there been some impressive projects.

Holly and I will always have a catch up about what people have got up to but seeing the end product is never quite the same as seeing the effort that goes into those games! Watching the children solve problems, share ideas and have those eureka moments is really special and one of the highlights of my week

On the note of seeing the creative process in action, one of the best moments this week was the squid related hacking in one of the clubs.

After a brief tangent about the squid related mechanics of the popular Nintendo game "Splatoon", I set everyone in the club a custom hack challenge to incorporate an inky eight-legged sea creature into their game. I'm a SUCKER (get it? ) for weird and wonderful hack challenges like this!


We have plenty in store for 2022. In fact, we have so many project ideas in the pipeline that it's been hard work figuring out where to start!

Next week there'll be plenty of new projects including, a "Coin Magnet" mechanic, a water ripple effect, and, of course, a new game featured as well.

This half term we have the Winter Warriors badge now available! Congratulations to those who got the New Years badge last week.  This badge will be available until the 4th of Feb - I wonder if you can guess what our badge theme may be from then? (the date is a sneaky clue).

To earn stars for these badges, head to your dashboard, complete projects, let us know if you have made any mods, and join your mentor in a Hack club for even more stars and XP!

We'll see you in there!




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