The Code Zone: Meet the Mentors behind the Magic!

We're shining a light this week on our Mentors! Read all about them including their fave pokemon!

Meet our Mentors

Ahhh, Mentors. You’ve seen them around – tirelessly running clubs, fixing code, and showing off games like nobody’s business. They are a mysterious species, as although you may know their names and love what they do, can you say you really know them?

Well fear not! Here at The Code Zone, we’ve decided you all deserve to know our lovely mentors a bit better, and so we’ve made this week ‘Meet your Mentor Week’, so you can get to know some of the marvellous coding magicians who keep our clubs running and our smiles wide!

Of course, we believe the best way to get to know our mentors is through asking only the most important of questions… like, ‘What’s your favourite Pokémon?’ and ‘What’s your favourite food?’ – I’m sure you’ll agree these are the true windows into the soul for gamers like us! And maybe you’ll learn a little more about some of us too, who knows. Let’s jump straight in, shall we? (in no particular order....)


















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