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Tom's Round up 27th Feb


Tom here. Hope you're doing well!

After pouring my heart and soul into some skiing and curling physics for the Winter Olympics challenges, this week's project saw some classic dodging mechanics in this sci-fi spectacular. Crystal Catastrophe, as it's called, seems to have been a real hit!

For all the theming that goes into a game though, I love it when we see a game get a complete makeover. Jaikrish replaced his crystals with exploding skittles and gave his version the much more apt name "Skittle Catastrophe In Smiley-face Land". The enemy had some exciting new attacks as well which really kept me on my toes when I had a go.

Brewster also came up with a brilliant use of a CyberPi, in one of the physical clubs, using its motion sensing to make it a controller in a boxing game. It's probably one of the coolest and most creative uses of some hardware I've seen in a while and made me very nostalgic for Wii Sports Boxing, no matter how clunky it use to be!

With March just around the corner, we're finally starting to get into Spring and with that has come the new Spring badge. Your child can just hop on, tackle some projects and earn XP.

As always, shout if you need us.

Take care, Tom


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