Build games, and learn to code!

Join the Game Dev Club and work with mentors to develop your coding skills, building games at a level suitable to you.

No matter if you are new to code, have had a play with it in the past or consider yourself an expert, The Code Zone has a code club for you to join.

We wanted to create something that busts the myth that coding is "hard" and "technical". Our weekly sessions will open up a new world of opportunity for you, and even maybe a path into a shiny new career.

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Bringing our online coding
clubs to the grown-ups!

The best way to learn is by having fun!

The best way to learn to code!

Fully supported by our online mentors - the perfect club for all levels of coder!

Learning to code can be dry and hard to engage with. Our game dev club is designed to unleash the coding creativity in you by using your love of gaming and developing skills for life!

Book a free trial coding club session, and start learning to code


Learn to code...accidentally!

One of our mentors will give you a call to find out about you and make sure we book you into the right session. Then on the day of your chosen session, just log in and join us!


Use code blocks to get comfortable with coding & understand how everything fits together.

Start coding in blocks


When you are ready, transition to writing the Python - using blocks as hints if you need them!

Move on to coding in python


Get more confident with the code by modding your game - work with the mentor to discover how code works and become a pro-coder!


Share your newly created game with other members in the club and show off all the fantastic mods you’ve made to your game!

Share your games with other members of the coding club


Easy-to-follow, step-by-step video tutorials teach you how to code


Use code blocks to hack & mod games, removing the complexity of written code.
Once you've mastered the basics, move to writing code in Python and then
eventually TypeScript.


Play newly created games and share them with friends.

Finally!!! A Code Club for adults that isn't just another boring, overly complicated tutorial.

Your Game Dev Club For Grown-ups mentors

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A decent internet connection, a laptop/desktop computer and access to a browser like Chrome to use The Code Zone Online platform. We're currently working on better supporting mobile and tablet devices, so for now you need a device that has a screen width of 12.9" or larger.
No, The Code Zone coding clubs for grown ups work with both complete novices upto people that have had lots of coding experience. Our unique process and leveling system can cater for people who are wanting to write their first line of code, to individuals who are looking to poilish up their knowledge and start a new career. Our friendly mentors will make sure that you are placed in the correct club and at at the relevent level before you even start your first session with us.
Lots of our members parents want to better understand what their children are doing, and to share in their childs passion! We offer both Hacker and Modder clubs, so if you have a child that comes to one of these specific sessions then let us know when you book your taster and we can make sure to place you in the same session format.
When you become a member of The Code Zone Game Dev Club you will get full access to the platform, which includes a library of projects, tons of coding skills and live chat with our highly skilled Mentors. Outside of the weekly session you can message your mentor and ask for assistance. We are always more than happy to help, we do love code afterall :-)

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