The Code Zone Secures Funding From Innovate UK

The Code Zone Secures funding for new online platform from Innovate UK

The Code Zone Secures Funding


Technology start-up - The Code Zone is launching a new interactive coding platform for children (age 6 –14). The Code Zone Online has just received funding from the Government’s hotly contested Innovate UK Fast Start Competition to accelerate the new platforms’ development.

The Code Zone was successfully running 11 after-school coding clubs for children at 4 locations in Cambridge, Essex and Suffolk. But the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has led to the temporary closure of their physical clubs.

Paul Allington, Technical Director from The Code Zone said: “I’m passionate about opening up the world of coding to young people in a fun, engaging and creative way. It’s what we do in our physical clubs and what we now want to replicate online.

Home learning platforms and applications have come into their own during the Covid 19 pandemic and parents are seeing first-hand how integrating them into their child's overall regular activities is possible.”

“The Code Zone Online brings something unique to the market as we’re hyper focused on creating the best user experience possible. Our bespoke challenges and virtual tools really do capture the imaginations of young people, so they learn vital skills while having fun.” 

“We’re delighted to receive this funding from Innovate UK and to beat such strong competition. Knowing that we scored particularly highly in the ideas section of our application is great validation to us of our concept. And we’re excited to get the platform up and running for launch in October 2020.

Innovate UK’s Fast Start Competition was designed for innovative businesses and start-ups who want to drive forward new technological advances. Over 8600 companies applied with only 800 awarding funding totaling £40 million.

Executive Chair, Innovate UK, Dr Ian Campbell, said:

Businesses from all over the UK have answered our call rapidly to meet the challenges we face today and in the future through the power of innovation.

The ideas we have seen can truly make a significant impact on society, improve the lives of individuals, especially those in vulnerable groups and enable businesses to prosper in challenging circumstances.


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