Alice - Customer Success and Game Dev Club Mentor - for code club

Alice - Customer Success and Game Dev Club Mentor

Alice is part of our customer success and onboarding team, guiding you through the process of having a taster session with us and beyond. 

Alice  grew up with four brothers sharing a four controller gaming console. She always had to play the winners, who never went easy on her. They also challenged her at Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, Risk and DnD. As she grew older her love for gaming expanded to PC gaming. Her favourte game genres  are MMORPGs (massivley multiplayer online role playing game) & MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arena).

Alice loves making cool designs on Scratch that are usually Nintendo or Animal themed. When she isn't gaming she is playing with her German Sheppard puppy Hecarim. (Who is named after a League of Legends champion) or watching Lord of The Rings, again, (again).

I play Pokémon Go when walking my  puppy &  Pokémon Violet on the sofa with my cat  

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