Five Night's at Scratch cat's 2!

by Jake2

Huh... here it is. FIVE NIGHTS AT SCRATCH CATS 2! So, uh, there isn't any lore yet, but... well, I'll give you a basic rundown.

. SPACE to access cams

. 1,2 and 3 to change camera

. A and D to close the vent doors

. MOUSE to shine your flashlight

Keep an eye on Tera, block Gobo with the vent doors, shine Scratch, Nano and Pico, but don't shine Giga.

This is the last version of Five nights at scratch cat's 2. (FNASC 3 has been cancelled)

Well, goodluck!

(P.S their names are Withered Scratch, Withered Giga, Withered Pico, Withered Nano, Withered Gobo and Tera).

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